Safer Roads

Member safety is a top priority for Ohio LECET. We invest heavily in public awareness campaigns and frequently attend events where we can share messages about sharing the road, protecting member safety, and reminding the public our workers deserve to get home safety to their families. 

Industry Promotion

LECET is dedicated to telling the incredible story of the accomplishments of the union construction industry and the fantastic work of contractors, members, and union organizers that make it great. We focus on sharing the accomplishments of our members, contractors, and industry collaborators with politicians, community members, and potential signatory contractors. 

Fair & Responsible Contracting

Fair and responsible contracting assures that there is a level playing field for signatory contractors bidding on projects and that members receive fair wages. Ohio LECET monitors projects, makes public records requests, and work with public authorities to get issues surrounding wages and contractor bids. 

Member Outreach & Engagement

A number of member engagement and appreciation events are put on by LECET on behalf of Local Unions and the Ohio Laborers’ as a whole. These event include providing lunches from worksite food trucks, member contests and givebacks, and social media and online engagement. 

Database Training

Ohio LECET provides training on key project and industry tracking databases that tracks projects and key industry developments that assist contractors in bidding and winning projects. 

Marketing & Communications

Ohio LECET assist with the creation of marketing materials and projects including creating or enhancing websites, drafting and preparing letters to promote a legislative or community position, and creating brochures, flyers, signage, artwork, banners, or other promotional items or print designs to promote your events or special activities