Safer Roads


How We Drive Impacts Real People.

Safer Roads Save Lives.

Last year, work zone crashes in Ohio increased as more Ohioans returned to their everyday lives. Worse still, those crashes resulted in 10 more deaths over the previous year. The Ohio State Highway Patrol reports that since 2017, there have been 25,884 crashes that occurred in work zones on Ohio roadways. And perhaps the most sobering number of all is that hard-working Ohioans were present in nearly 40% of those crashes. These numbers further underscore the need for widespread work zone safety awareness, especially as road construction crews become more prevalent. Work zone intrusions are preventable, join us and be a part of kicking off National Work Zone Safety Awareness Week to make roadways safe for everyone.

Ohio Laborers are the first construction workforce on the job, and the last ones to leave. Its over 15,000 Union members stand for safety and quality work, fair wages, quality insurance, life-long training, and a dignified retirement.