Laborers, Employers Collaborate for Mutual Success

The Ohio Laborers’ Union takes great pride in informing members of all their hard-earned benefits. In striving toward that mission, it became evident that a key stakeholder in our industry and livelihoods were being left out – signatory contractors. That realization led to the development of a team comprised of individuals representing the following funds: Ohio Laborers – Employers Cooperation Education Trust (LECET); Ohio Laborers’ Benefits Fund; Ohio Laborers’ Training and Apprentice Fund, District Eight Regional Organizing Committee (DEROC) and LIUNA Tri-Fund.  This team was designed to ensure our contractors have every advantage imaginable within the construction industry.

Beginning in November 2019, members of the contractor engagement team have hosted nine events throughout the state with the chief goal of providing pertinent information to contractors signatory with the Ohio Laborers’ Union. Representatives from each fund present and discuss their roles within the organization and the ways each fund can benefit the contractors. Contractors are encouraged to ask questions or request further information on presentations given. 

“This is a forward-thinking initiative the Laborers are undertaking.” Mitch Trucco, owner of Trucco Construction, said. “It’s surprising the amount of information that came out of today’s meeting, and I’m excited to utilize these services.”

“The response has been incredible,” says contractor task force lead and Statewide Apprenticeship Coordinator, Vincent Irvin. “It seems after every session I hear our partners say that they can’t believe they’ve left these tools on the table for so long.”

Most Contractor Engagement Meetings were hosted at Local Union offices, with some taking place at a banquet or dining hall. The team hopes to hold meetings in each of the 22 locals in the state of Ohio. With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, upcoming conferences have been postponed, but all parties are looking to resume as soon as they can. Thus far, the team has reached contractors in these locals’ jurisdiction:

  • Akron
  • Ashtabula
  • Canton
  • Cleveland -860
  • Lorain
  • Marion
  • Middletown
  • Newcomerstown
  • Portsmouth

One on one and small group meetings have taken place for contractors who are unable to attend the larger session. Contractors or Business Managers who are interested in a Local session can contact Vince Irvin, at 740-504-2707 or  

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