Work zone safety campaign
using celebrity to promote safe driving in work zones

Extending our partnership beyond Labor and Management, Ohio LECET reached out to supporters across the state, such as the Ohio Highway Patrol and AAA, to create a coalition to promote safe driving through work zones.

Ohio LECET secured high-profile spokespersons for our campaign. In 2008 and 2009, Ohio Governor Ted Strickland urged drivers to take care in our work zones. In 2006 and 2007, Ohio NASCAR driver and Indy 500 champion Sam Hornish Jr., pointed out that as a professional race car driver, he doesn’t speed in work zones.


Annually LECET puts up billboard across the state encouraging drives to pay attention while traveling through work zones. That campaigns includes the use of our mascot, Bud the Barrel. Those efforts, along with, our partners efforts are encouraging drivers to be safer while traveling throughout Ohio. Our goal is to eliminate injuries and fatalities to workers and the traveling public, also to limit property damage.