Drexel J. Thrash Training Center

Ohio Laborers' Training Center

The Drexel J. Thrash Training Center is one of the premier training facilities in the organization and is located on approximately 120 acres in central Ohio. The Center instructs Laborers on skills necessary to stay current with new job demands. No Laborer is required to pay out of pocket for any training. The contributions on their behalf entitle them to six weeks of training at the Center. The trainees are reimbursed for one round trip from their local and are paid a stipend of $10. While at the Center Laborers are eligible for unemployment compensation. The Center teaches a variety of classes ranging from basic, environmental, and safety. 

The Construction Craft Laborer Apprenticeship Program allows new members to get training and on the job experiences that will give them a solid foundation for their career. The program requires 432 hours of classroom instruction and 4000 hours on the job training. 

More information about the Training Center can be found here

Requirements for our Apprenticeship program can be found here

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