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LECET’s most important mission is helping Laborers’ Local Unions and the contractors with whom they work win projects and jobs. Its innovative Cooperation Trust Tracking System (CTTS) keeps tabs on tens of thousands of construction projects throughout the United States and Canada. LECET and its affiliates alert Laborers’ Local Unions of upcoming projects, giving Laborers and their signatory contractors time to prepare a bid, assemble a workforce, and win the work. While Laborers are working hard on current projects, LECET is hard at work identifying future project and job opportunities.

Laborers are proud of their work on structures and projects throughout North America. LECET and its affiliates promote the image of Laborers in industry trade publications, at trade shows and job fairs, and through a wide variety of marketing materials. Whether in the pages of Engineering News-Record, on television and radio, or in marketing and recruitment materials, LECET and its affiliates convey one simple message: being a Laborer means being devoted to quality, training, and safety. Laborers want to see LIUNA’s values and ideals carried into the next generation. LECET helps make that happen by working with LIUNA and signatory contractors to recruit tomorrow’s Laborers today. From meeting with high school guidance counsellors to developing youth-oriented recruitment materials to engaging in mentoring and school-to-work programs, LECET and its affiliates are reaching out to young people who like to work with their hands, have good work attitudes, and display an aptitude for construction. LECET also recruits skilled and experienced workers