About Us


a partnership that works

In 1995 the Laborers’ District Council of Ohio and the Ohio Contractors Association laid the groundwork for Ohio LECET. The concept was one of cooperation, that Laborers and Union Contractors had to find ways to promote the highway construction industry and the role played by Union contractors and Union Laborers.

Since then, LECET has participated in the legislative passage of new gas taxes, project promotion with our contractors, prevailing wage enforcement, and other efforts such as our Work Zone Safety Campaign.

What We Are About

staying prepared in changing technology

Construction is constantly changing, and LECET helps Laborers and their signatory contractors stay current. LECET looks down the road to determine where the industry is going, and what Laborers and their contractors will need to do to stay out in front. The LIUNA Training and Education Fund uses LECET’s market analyses as it develops training programs that keep Laborers up to date and safe on the job. The result? Positioning Laborers and their signatory contractors to make the most of the future.

promoting the union sector

LECET and its affiliates promote the image of Laborers in industry trade publications, at trade shows and job fairs, and through a wide variety of marketing materials. LECET and its affiliates convey one simple message: being a Laborer means being devoted to quality, training, and safety. Laborers want to see LIUNA’s values and ideals carried into the next generation. LECET helps make that happen by working with LIUNA and signatory contractors to recruit tomorrow’s Laborers today. These recruitment efforts help develop the workforce signatory contractors need and want.

Winning projects & jobs

LECET’s most important mission is helping Laborers’ Local Unions and the contractors with whom they work win projects and jobs. Its innovative Cooperation Trust Tracking System (CTTS) keeps tabs on tens of thousands of construction projects throughout the United States and Canada. LECET and its affiliates alert Laborers’ Local Unions of upcoming projects, giving Laborers and their signatory contractors time to prepare a bid, assemble a workforce, and win the work. While Laborers are working hard on current projects, LECET is hard at work identifying future project and job opportunities.

Giving Labor a voice

Everyday, elected officials and government regulators make decisions that can directly affect construction in general and/or specific projects. LECET and its affiliates work with industry groups and coalitions to make sure key policy makers hear a labor-management voice on issues of concern to the entire industry. LECET is a key player in many market-related legislative and regulatory efforts.

ohio LECET board members
  • Ralph E. Cole – Board Chairman 
    Business Manager-Secretary Treasurer Laborers’ District Council

  • Dave Coniglio
    Director Labor Relations & Safety Affairs Ohio Contractors’ Association

  • Jim Chamberlin, Jr
    Miller Cable Company

  • Anthony Liberatore, Jr
    Business Manager Laborers’ Local 860 Cleveland, Ohio

  • Mark Potnick
    OCA Consultant 

  • Gary Bretz
    Business Manager/Secretary Treasurer, Laborers’ Local 574 Marion, Ohio

  • Alex Shaw
    Shook Construction 

  • Clint Powell
    Business Manager, Laborers’ Local 809 Steubenville, Ohio