Jeff Root – New 534 Business Manager

Ohio Laborers’ Local 534 Welcomes New Business Manager

Westerville, Ohio, June 22, 2018- Jeff Root recently began as Business Manager – of Ohio Laborers’ Middletown Local 534.  Root, 47, began his career as a Laborer in 1990. He then transitioned into Dispatcher for Local 534, learning under the recently retired Business Manager, Jerry Bowling. Root’s new role as Business Manager is dynamic and encompasses a wide variety of factors. Among a litany of others, Root’s duty is to ensure proper and lawful progress of projects of construction craft Laborers are working within Local 534. He will also visit all the construction projects in his jurisdiction.

Root hopes that he can be a positive resource to the over 700 members who make up Local 534. He says, “ I like helping our members make sure their unemployment is correct, finding them jobs, or help them make sure they are able to still be covered by insurance.” Root wears multiple hats depending on the day. He could be working with his members, contractors, or the public. He’s proud that Local 534 supports the community they build.  Root says, “We won’t hesitate to help out in the community – it could be sponsoring youth baseball or supporting a volunteer fire department, we’re happy to help.”